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Joao Ng alias Ng Seng Hong(Conductor)


Born in Macao, his love for classical music started at his early age. He has participated in a few church choirs and the Grupo Coral Polifónico. In 1969, he established the Folkman Choir with his friends and had been the conductor leading concerts annually till 1982; Mr. Ng studied harmony and composing under the guidance of the American musician Charles Duncan and the former principal of St. Pio X Academy of Music, Fr. Áureo da Costa Nunes e Castro. In 1997, Mr. Ng together with Mr. Young Lam and other music lovers established the Perosi Choir and since then, Mr. Ng has been the conductor of the Choir. In 2000, his song “Sing the Nature” won the 1st prize in the contest for composing choral songs for children (for junior high students) held by Hong Kong Treble Choirs’ Association and Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association. He is  an earnest advocate for discovering, composing and promoting local choral works of Macao. With careful planning, he has been leading the Perosi Choir in performing at a series of concerts featuring Macao’s local choral pieces since 2005. And during the same time he spearheaded the project of recording these choral works for a special album. And the ceremony marking the birth of this album took place on 22 Novmber, 2008, under the witness of officiating guests and an audience of about 200. And in honour of his effort in contributing to Macao’s cultural advancement, the Macao SAR Government awarded Ng the Certificate of Merit in 2009. In 2010, Ng proved that a “Mass in Bb major”, discovered in a second-hand stall in Templo de Lin Kai, was written by the late Father Wilhelm Schmid. Ng’s other choral pieces include “Alleluia”, “A Faint Spark”, “7th Night of 7th Moon”, “The Lord’s Prayer”, “Ave Maria”, “Happy Christmas”, etc.